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Treasure resources and protect the environment

is a philosophy constantly persist in conserving the environment.  in recent days with depletion and consumption of natural resources, ChengYi Group's recycling process on aluminum waste can re-use aluminum resources and save precious natural resources. try to make economy and environment developing in integrity, recycling of waste scrap aluminum  is an environmental protection industry has a vast advantages compares with electrolytic aluminum, The recycling of secondary aluminium of 1 ton would save 5 tons of bauxite ,1.2 tons of limestone, 22 tons of water, decrease 0.8 tons of carbon, 0.06 tons of sulfur dioxide,  95% energy's consumption  less than electrolytic aluminum, no emission of fluorine ,waste discharge 95% also less than electrolytic aluminum. aluminum recycling business industry is in favour of government's policy .The ChengYi  Group has built comprehensive environmental control facilities. emission reduction rate of suspended substance have been reached to above 95%, almostly no emission with phosphor, on the respect of waste gas treatment, all of systems are comleted for waste gas treatment, electrostatic dust removal, wet dust collector,bag filter,dust trapping rate  close to more than 95.5%, more 98% with electrostatic dust removal, LiaoNing ChengYi has environmental management network which approved by ISO14001, with high standard and high requirement of self discipline and self control, to improve the staff's awareness of environmental protection, strengthen environmental safety risk control, and actively implement the government departments of environmental management requirements, to ensure the production and safety of surrounding environment