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Liaoning Chengyi Metal Material Co., Ltd is located  in emerging industrial  developing zone of Dashiqiao (Metallurgical Industrial Park) YingKou City ,LiaoNing Province   based on the comprehensive utilization of resources as the main raw materials (non-ferrous) with production, sales, trade in integrity production enterprises. This project is divided into two phases. A period of design and production of 80 thousand tons / year Aluminum Alloy regeneration, the main raw material for the production of imported zorba are used with melting and casting in furnace after being gone through the rotary  drum equipment,  vibrating screen and automatically floating sepatating system  the prodution output of Aluminum Alloy can produce recycled 150 thousand tons / year by B period  completed  
A plan to invest 110 million yuan of funds. After the completion of the project put into operation, the annual sales revenue of up to 1 billion 200 million yuan (a period), two plans to invest 80 million yuan of funds, annual sales revenue of up to 2 billion 400 million yuan (two period).
The main products are export to foreign and sell to domestic high-end users (foreign auto manufacturers and their parts and components enterprises) and exports (Japan, South Korea, the major automobile manufacturers and accessory companies).
The management team  is made up of persons with talented experience  in the relevant industry.